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NFC North Battle Draft

2011/Round 1/Pick 1

Career History

Career Highlights

  • Most KO's in one game, previous holder was nd96
zinzilla is a user character for the NFC North Battle video game. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in Round 1, Pick 4 overall in the 2011 NFC North Battle Draft. He is the first rookie to break the record for Most KO's in one game.


zinzilla has been a Builders Club member of ROBLOX for 463 consecutive days. Out of zinzilla's entire account's existance, he has earned a Combat Initiation, Warrior, Friendship, Veteran, Outrageous Builders Club, Inviter, and Homestead Badges. He is the only OBC member, along with Rocket4wheel in the entire NFC North Battle game.

Professional CarrerEdit

Minnesota Vikings (2011-Present)Edit

zinzilla has been drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in Round 1, Pick 4. He is playing in number 53. He kicked off the 2011 NFC North Battle season with a win by default against the Baltimore Ravens, and just 3 days later, he broke the record for most KO's in One Game. He also is the first rookie ever in NFC North Battle to break a major record. He has recently made the most KO's in the kickoff game against the Detroit Lions.

Allegations of misconductEdit

On September 29, 2011, EA Titletown began investigating zinzilla for not paying his OBC. As of a day before the investigation, zinzilla sent a message to his coach MinnesotaVikings61 on his alternative account, TheBlackTitan about himself getting banned. Because the OBC wasn't payed for in 8 months, zinzillas account was banned "forever" stated zinzilla in his alternative account.

Photo GalleryEdit

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