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The famous image of nd96's most dangerous Pwn Dive.

The Last Shot is a nickname for what happened in the final second of the 2009 NFC Championship Game that the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings have played. It was considered one of the most memorable games in history because the play involved nd96 Pwn Diving while BubbaYoFranks88 attepted an overshot at him on the ground


The Last Shot was considered one of the most dramatic moments in NFC North Battle 2009. The image of nd96 in his first year as a Minnesota Viking front-fliping over BubbaYoFranks and then shooting him over head, today known as a move called the Pwn Dive. When this occured, Bubba attempted to shoot him out of the air when he got the chance but just missed nd96's foot. And Bubba explodes after nd96 lands. The Minnesota Vikings win the game against the Packers 47KO's over 46.