Super Bowl II
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February 5, 2012


Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana


CTToney, Lions

Super Bowl II is a tournement between the AFC Champions Baltimore Ravens and the NFC Champions Detroit Lions to decide the NFL Champion. The game is going to be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indianaon February 5, 2012. This game is marked the second "World Championship" in both series histories.


Baltimore RavensEdit

The Baltimore Ravens have finished the regular season 6-0. They earned AFC North Battle's Divisional Champions. zippy13225 finished the season with 48 KO's but discontinued because he got permenantly banned from ROBLOX, who appeared to be the only player on the roster at the time. Not much information can be shown because the Steelers had only one player on the roster. The head coach at the time is PittsburghSteelers33, who is also the head coach of Super Bowl I's Pittsburgh Steelers.

Detroit LionsEdit

The Detroit Lions have finished the regular season 5-1. They earned NFC North Battle's Divisional Champions, and won the title for the 2011 NFC Championship Game, beating the Minnesota Vikings. Their main team captain, CTToney has finished the season with 154 KO's. Secondary team captain, firefalcon48 has completed 127 KO's, and their last pro player, crazymania has completed 89 KO's.

Game SummaryEdit

1st QuarterEdit

All players log in. CTToney makes 5 KO's to nyc2001, and ARod12

2nd QuarterEdit

SonicThaHedgehog32 logs in for Detroit. CTToney makes 3 KO's to SonicThaHedgehog32. firefalcon48 made 7 KO's to nyc2001

3rd QuarterEdit

CTToney makes 4 KO's to SonicThaHedgehog32. crazymania logs in for Detroit.

4th QuarterEdit

crazymania makes 9 KO's to ARod12.

Game ends