Super Bowl I
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February 6, 2011


Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Sidney Rice, Vikings

Super Bowl I was a tournement between the AFC Champions Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFC Champions Minnesota Vikings to decide the NFL Champion. The game was held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on February 6, 2011. Vikings defeated the Steelers, and Sidney Rice was named Super Bowl MVP. This game was marked the first "World Championship" in both series histories.


Pittsburgh SteelersEdit

The Pittsburgh Steelers have finished the regular season 5-2. They earned AFC North Battle's Divisional Champions. PittsburghSteelers33 finished the season with 173 KO's, who appears to be the only player on the roster at the time. Not much information can be shown because the Steelers had only one player on the roster. The head coach at the time was PittsburghSteelers33. But this lead to when regular gamers came to play.

Minnesota Vikings Edit

The Minnesota Vikings finished the regular season 6-1. They earned NFC North Battle's Divisional Champions. Their main team captain, nd96 has completed 271 KO's. Now Secondary team captain Sidney Rice has completed 32 KO's in the season along with his total career, making him the only MVP of any game with under 100 KO's. And former player CTToney, now main team captain of the Detroit Lions, has completed 460 KO's.

Game SummaryEdit

1st QuarterEdit

Nothing happened

2nd QuarterEdit

Kyle229 logs in for Pittsburgh, Kyle 229 achieves 5 KO's shooting Minnesota's Sidney Rice.

thomas141500 logs in for Pittsburgh, thomas achieves 1 KO shooting nd96.

3rd QuarterEdit

nd96 logs out from Minnesota

PittsburghSteelers33 logs in for Pittsburgh, Sidney Rice makes 2 KO's to PittsburghSteelers33

4th QuarterEdit

Both teams at a draw. Sidney Rice in a duel against PittsburghSteelers33. Rice makes 3 KO's.

nd96 logs in for Minnesota

PittsburghSteelers33 makes 1 KO to Sidney Rice

nd96 makes 1 KO PittsburghSteelers33

Game ends

After the gameEdit

The Minnesota Vikings achieved 8 total KO's. The Pittsburgh Steelers just got 7. It was said that even though both teams got similar numbers, the Lombardi Trophy goes to the Minnesota Vikings and that Sidney Rice was named Super Bowl MVP.