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The famous image of nd96's first and most dangerous Pwn Dive.

The Pwn Dive is an aerial combo on ROBLOX created in the NFC North Battle series. The purpose of the move is that the character does a frontflip over their opponent and shoots from over head. The move was invented by nd96 in 2009 when the Vikings were about to lose the NFC Championship


The Pwn Dive received its name from the acrobatic diving techique, the Swan Dive. The "Pwn" in the name comes from previous taunting noobs receive when they are defeated. The inventor of the trick, nd96, performed Swan Dives in real-life in his pool and scraped his chin at the bottom of the pool. His father asks him what he did and said, I just performed the Pwn Dive. A few days later, during the 2009 NFC Championship the Vikings were tied with the Packers KO until nd96 applied the frontflip and rocket launcher together to create the game version and making history in The Last Shot.

How To Pwn DiveEdit

The Pwn Dive is a complicated move unless done correctly. Since NNB11 changed the organization of the tools. The keys used are the 1 and 6 keys on your keyboard and the mouse at the same time. First you use only your left hand to use the keys and your right hand on the mouse. First drag the mouse to where your in a "blimp camera," now use the keyboard and press 6, click, then quickly press 1 and click, if done correctly. You will KO your opponent and land 10-15 yards from your original location. Commonly when people are being taught the pwn dive, they normally delay the overhead shot, don't align the camera, and up shooting at the landing point and kill himself and possibly their opponent. And another thing to remember is that it could be your only way to survive, so always watch your back cause this is the most deadliest attack on ROBLOX.

Similar MoveEdit

In recent history about the pwn dive, nd96's teammate zinzilla, a rookie on the Vikings, created a similar move called the Pwn Vulcan Dive during the offseason.

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