Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame Logo

Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame Logo

The Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame is the hall of fame of professional combat football in the United States with an emphasis of the NFL. It will be opened on August 6, 2011 on ROBLOX

Selecting ProcessEdit

Board of SelectorsEdit

Enshrines are selected by the creators of the divisional video games who represent those teams along with the commisioner; for instance, the NFC North are represented by MinnesotaVikings61.

Voting ProcedureEdit

To be eligable for the nominating process, a player must have been retired for at least two years. Any other contributor such as a coach can be nominated at any time. Gamers can nominate a player or contributor by simply writing a private message to the Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame. Anybody enshrined in the hall of fame played a large portion of their careers in the NFL. Although their is a division of the hall is devoted to alternative leagues like the Canadian Football League, and the United Football League.

Induction CeremonyEdit

The induction ceremony will be held during the first week of August. Along side is the Hall of Fame game which will be played between the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens which will be held a day after the ceremony at Fawcett Stadium. Enshrinees wont be apart of a certain team after their inducted in the Hall of Fame. The player or contributor will have a bust on permenant display in the Hall of Fame, in addition they receive a distinctive golden jacket.

List of InducteesEdit

Inductee Class Position Team(s) Years
MinnesotaVikings61 2011 Player/Coach Minnesota Vikings

2000-2009 (Player)

2009-Present (Coach)

PittsburghSteelers33 2011 Coach Pittsburgh Steelers 2004-Present
ray52lewis 2011 Player Baltimore Ravens 2008-Unknown
favre4life 2011 Player Green Bay Packers 2000-2004
nd96 2013 Player 2008-2011
shawnking10 2013 Player 2000-2007
BubbaYoFranks88 2013 Player Green Bay Packers 2006-2009