a typical ROBLOX noob

Noobs or newbies, are contreversial people on ROBLOX, actually any online gaming, are user accounts controlled by people who have little to no experience with playing the game. They cause contreversy on NFC North Battle who usually report most non-noobs, especially professionals for thinking that they cant play the game this way

Forms of a NoobEdit

Noobs can come in any form in ROBLOX, including guests. Mostly noobs appear with a colored torso, gray arms and a head, and light blue legs. Some of these noobs have a ROBLOX "R" or a Bloxxer Logo. While some noobs can appear in normal outfits, but will say things to anyone like "Can I have all your Tickets and Robux?" or do anything that would angier non-noobs.

Contreversy with NFC North BattleEdit

the main problem with noobs is that they always report non noobs usually for thinking there playing the game the wrong way. Although it isn't true, some noobs have been commonly written on online social networks like Facebook, that they are "The biggest assholes on ROBLOX and NNB11" But these noobs eventually grow out of noobhood and become regular gamers.

Notable NoobsEdit

Although none of these noobs are allowed to be professionals in NFC North Battle, so far only 2 noobs were automatically put on the roster. The two professional noobs are listed below except Guest 4786.

  • nd96 - Started as a noob in his first season. He was awarded his warrior badge after winning the 2009 NFC Championship after his notorious Pwn Dive. And also known for the "Hacker Bowl" as in that he is no longer considered a noob.
  • Sidney Rice - Real Life professional football player for the Vikings. He is currently was a noob for NFC North Battles Vikings, but became the Super Bowl I MVP for achieving the Most KO's in the game, and bringing the game to a close score. He achieved a record for Most KO's in One Game, previously held by nd96.
  • Guest 4786 - A ROBLOX Guest that started the Hacker Bowl

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