NFC North Battle 2009 or known as "NNB09" is a third person combat football game based on the National Football Leagues, NFC North Division, published by EA Sports and developed by EA Tiburon. It is the 10th annual installment on the ROBLOX online gaming website, and was released on August 13, 2011



RobloxScreenShot09112011 194326347

The famous image of nd96's most dangerous Pwn Dive.

* Weapons
- In the 2009 version of NFC North Battle, the game featured the most extremely dangerous explosives like Bombs, TNT, and Nukes. The game also featured the option of using Dual Vulcan Guns for the first time. The most well know image from that game was from The Last Shot from the 2009 NFC Championship.


  • Updated Uniforms - The game updated all the teams uniforms to more closely resemble the uniforms of their real life counterparts. This is because in 2009 the Detroit Lions have introduced new uniforms.
  • Four Towers Returns - The game released updated versions of Builderman Field's "Four Towers".

Cover AthleteEdit

Although not shown in the article, MinnesotaVikings61 appeared on the cover. He is marked the first cover athlete in NFC North Battle History.


NFC North Battle 2009 was the most violent edition of the series. The game in particular featured dangerous explosives, and the Dual Vulcan Guns. First of all, the explosives were found contreversal because they could easily destroy the entire level and any gamer roaming in, out, and around Builderman Field. The least violent weapon, the Dual Vulcan Guns were able to easily kill characters with one bullet. As of NFC North Battle 11, a less violent version of the gun was rereleased.