NFC North Battle 12
Nnb12 cover (CTToney) copy
NFC North Battle 12 cover featuring Detroit Lions player CTToney


EA Titletown


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NFC North Battle



Release Date(s)

August 15, 2012


third person combat game


Online Multiplayer



NFC North Battle 12 is an upcoming third person combat football game based on the National Football Leagues, NFC North Division, being developed by EA Titletown. It will be the 13th annual installment on the ROBLOX online gaming website, it will be released late summer 2012.


The 2012 installment for NFC North Battle is intended to include:


  • Weapon Surplus - NFC North Battle will include a wider range of weapon choices from using a heavy arm like a rocket launcher to small handguns.
  • Legends Edition - Later in 2012, NFC North Battle will release a special edition of the game, NFC North Battle 12: Legends Edition, which is focused on challenging former players such as nd96, BubbaYoFranks88, shawnking10, etc in their heyday.


  • New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms - As of April 3, Nike along with the National Football League introduced the new Nike uniforms. With the help of NikeTube Studios, the series was able to introduce more detailed versions of the football uniforms.

Cover AthleteEdit

On January 1, 2012, EA Titletown began a bracket style 4-player tournament for fans to vote and decide who will appear on the cover of NFC North Battle 12. Since nd96 (NFC North Battle 2010), and Sidney Rice (NFC North Battle 11) have both appeared on the cover of both the games parenthesised, they cannot qualify as a canidate for the NNB12 cover so zinzilla can qualify as a canidate by default. On January 8, 2012 the cover athlete was announced, and it will be CTToney of the Detroit Lions.


Artist Song Genre
Black Sabbath Iron Man Metal
Avail Simple Song Punk
PSY Gangnum Style Pop
Beastie Boys Sabatage Rock/Hip hop
Rise Against Drones Rock
Nas ft. Puff Daddy Hate Me Now Hip Hop
Ozzy Osbourne Soul Sucker Metal
Judas Priest Painkiller Metal
Cypress Hill Get 'Em Up Hip Hop
Fall Out Boy Start Today Punk
Public Enemy Shut 'Em Down Hip Hop
Pitbull ft. Piccallo Dammit Man Hip Hop
Call Me No One Thunderbird Rock
The Bled House of Suffering Punk

The NNB12 soundtrack once again includes all four NFC North teams respective fight songs.