NFC North Battle '85 Cover

Proposed NFC Central Battle '85 Cover

NFC Central Battle '85 is an upcoming third person combat football game based on the NFC Central Division (now NFC North) from the year 1985. It will be published by EA Sports, and is underdevelopment by EA Titletown, and probably expected to be released before the end of 2011.


The game will feature 5 teams, instead of the usual 4. The division will include the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The rosters will have the top three players from those teams from 1985, instead of having real account holders like zinzilla for an example.


The story begins where the gamer chooses to either play with Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, or William Perry. Once the gamer chooses a character, he plays the characters final season with his college team, which is a tutorial on playing the game. Once the tutorial is finished, he is sent to the Free Agents Sports Offices. The gamer then talks to Eric Flacco, a very successful sports representative about becoming the players agent. The gamer is then at his house and telephone interview with Iggy Roma, a radio show host from the fictional radio station, Iggy-Now FM. The gamer tells Iggy that he will be going to the Super Bowl for sure without a doubt. Time then advances to September 8, 1985 when the Bears go against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and beats the Bucs. 11 Days later the Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings (September 19, Bears vs Vikings game isn't playable). Time advances to October 6, and the Bears once again beat the Buccaneers (again not playable). After the first 3 games, the media starts to wake up and notice the Chicago Bears are making significant progress in their season. Iggy Roma once again interviews the gamer, this time in the Iggy-Now FM studio about if the Bears will make home-field-advantage, "Like I said, were going to the Super Bowl without a doubt" says the gamer during the interview. Time again advances to November 3, but the Bears are up against their long time rival the Green Bay Packers. They win against the Packers and advance a week later and play against the Detroit Lions. They win again but the Lions Head Coach, Darryl Rogers tells the player he has played very well this year, and he offers a drink at a bar somewhere in Milwaukee. The drunken coach Darryl then steals the keys to the Milwaukee Busters baseball team bus, attempting to stop it the bus, the player losses control and crashes it into the County Stadium. The player is than unconcious in the driver seat while Coach Darryl escapes from the bus and leaves the player in jail. A woman named Jenn Baker, a Bears fan with a huge crush on the player bails him out and is left stranded in Milwaukee. Jenn eventually tells the player that she has the money for a plane ticket to Chicago, but would only give the cash to the player if he does favors for Jenn. Once the favors were finished, the player and Jenn end up becoming close friends. Once the player arrives at the Chicago O'Hare, and Eric and Coach Ditka storms out of a crowd of beloved fans and argues with him about the insident in Milwaukee. He then reveals that Darryl Rogers was responsible for crashing the bus into the stadium by pulling out a VHS tape with the security footage he gained from one of the favors Jenn made him do to revive himself from getting fired from the Bears. Coach Ditka than believes him and was placed back on the team. Time than advances to December 22, when the Bears were once again playing against the Detroit Lions. The game was immediately canceled when Jenn traveled to the Pontiac Silverdome with the tape of Coach Rogers crashing into the baseball stadium and Coach Rogers was taken off the field by Detroit Police officers and ticketed with a DUI. The player than meets Jenn at the door where the Bears team bus is located and the player thanks her for playing the tape on the video screen, Jenn felt to flattered and gave him her telephone number. The player gets on the bus with Jenn's phone number written on a piece of paper and leaves Detroit for Chicago. The next morning the player is at his mansion listening to Iggy-Now FM discussing about Coach Darryl being pulled off the field and into prison for DUI, and Destruction of Public Property. Then Iggy moves on to the Chicago Bears gaining home-field-advantage in the playoffs and how exciting the 1985 NFL Season was for the Bears. The player was then interupted by a telephone call by Eric to go to his office. The player than meets Eric at the Sports Offices that he's gotten sponsorships from Gatorade, Burger King, and United Airlines. The player gets to choose which sponsor and then leaves the offices. Time advances to the Divisional Championships when they have beat the New York Giants. The following night the player than calls Jenn if she could go to the Super Bowl with him if he beats the Rams. Jenn asks why, and the player responds with, "If we win, I got a big suprise for you". She then agrees that if the player won against the Los Angeles Rams, she could get a sideline pass to sit with the rest of the players. Eventually the Bears win against the Rams and proceed to Super Bowl XX. At this moment Jenn and the character meet in Mardi Gras Inn somewhere in downtown New Orleans about what he would do after the NFL season ends. The character then talks about the two plane tickets to Paris, France he could earn if he becomes the Super Bowl MVP. Eventually Jenn asks him why he would order a second one if he doesn't have any body to take with him. He reponds that he's already got his eyes on someone he could take. The character then leaves Jenns suite to get some sleep when Jenn notices that he is talking about her. On the following day of Super Bowl XX he runs into Jenn and she gets together with the character and praying that the Bears would win. Coach Ditka then yells to the character to go to the lockeroom to change into his uniform. Jenn follows the Superdomes staff to the sidelines to sit with the family members of other players. Then the lights dim in the stadium and a spotlight is focused on the Patriots tunnel. The announcer then says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the 1985 AFC Champions, the New England Patriots!" Once the announcer finishes his sentence, the spotlight is then pointed at the Bears tunnel. The announcer then says, "Now to introduce the 1985 NFC Champions, the Chicago Bears!" Soon all the players run out of the tunnel with their helmets in their hands and the National Anthem is then played by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. The game then begins. If the game is won, the Mike Ditka and the character are then presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy as champions of Super Bowl XX. Once the character walks off the stage he is then reunited with Jenn. She then thanks the character for winning, and asks him if shes the one going to Paris. The character says that she is the one and Jenn wraps her arms around him and kisses him, presuming that they have fallen in love. Once the game is complete, the gamer unlocks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Green Bay Packers, and the Minnesota Vikings players along with the Detroit Lions but don't have any notable players at the time. It is also mentioned that some story mode characters would also be availible to play including Iggy Roma, Eric Flacco, and Jenn Baker


This section is about which characters appear in the game.

Non PlayersEdit

Iggy Roma - Local Radio Show Host of Iggy-Now FM

Eric Flacco - Gamers Sports Agent

Mike Ditka - Head Coach of the Chicago Bears

Forrest Gregg - Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers.

Jenn Baker - Close friend the character meets in Milwaukee. Eventually becomes the characters girlfriend.

Wynton Marsalis - Trumpeter who played the National Anthem at Super Bowl XX

Chicago BearsEdit

  1. 9 - Jim McMahon
  1. 34 - Walter Payton
  1. 72 - William "The Refrigerator" Perry

Tampa Bay BuccaneersEdit

  1. 17 - Steve DeBerg
  1. 32 - James Wilder
  1. 53 - Hugh Green

Detroit LionsEdit

No notable players, although the team is availible to play

Green Bay PackersEdit

  1. 12 - Lynn Dickey
  1. 59 - John Anderson
  1. 80 - James Lofton

Minnesota VikingsEdit

  1. 9 - Tommy Kramer
  1. 85 - Sammy White
  1. 59 - Matt Blair


The cover above features Walter Payton of the real life Chicago Bears for his win at Super Bowl XX. The creators have decided to also make the cover resemble a similar design to the John Madden Football '92 cover for the Sega Genesis.


Because NFC Central Battle '85 is a game to tribute not just the 1985 Chicago Bears, but also a tribute to any pop culture as of the early to mid 1980s.

Artist Song
Motley Crue Live Wire
7 Seconds Were Gonna Fight
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
The Doors Peace Frog
Breakestra Champ
Aerosmith My Fist Your Face
Sham 69 Borstal Breakout
Loverboy Working For the Weekend
Death From Above Little Girl
Iron Maiden Aces High
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon
Quiet Riot Come on Feel the Noise
Run D.M.C. Rock Box
Human League Fascination