Hacker Bowl I was an unscheduled event at Builderman Field in NFC North Battle 2010. The event was started by Guest 4786. The outcome of the game was a deathmatch won by nd96, who broke the record for Most KO's in one game, now held by Sidney Rice.

The GameEdit


The game has tooken place in November 8, 2010 at Builderman Field in a gap between the Vikings vs Packers game on October 24 and the Vikings vs Bears game on November 14.


Minnesota Vikings player nd96 had covered the impact of the game by taking photo screenshots of the game. The photographs themselves are only explictedly shown on YouTube.
Hacker Bowl I Slideshow

Hacker Bowl I Slideshow

Hacker Bowl Photographs taken by nd96


nd96 started the server when Guest 4786 logged on. Guest 4786 has knocked down the lockers of nd96, Sidney Rice, and Rocket4wheel, along with the Cheat Code Locker, now banned from NNB11. From that point onward, nd96 was stalking Guest 4786 of his actions and attacks from above. nd96 then jumps down and completes 20 KO's from a shuffle from the 20 yard line. nd96 then completes 68 KO's in the one game, breaking MinnesotaVikings61's record.