Go! You Packers! Go! or simply nicknamed "Go! Pack! Go!" is the fight song of the Green Bay Packers. It was written by Eric Karll, a commercial jingle writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The song was first played at a Packers football game by the Lumberjack Band in 1931.  It was recorded several times. It was first recorded by the NFL Marching Band in 1960 with an introduction by former Packers quarterback Bart Starr. A second version of the song was recorded in 1992. This version is played at Lambeau Field after player introductions and after the Packers score an extra point. The latest version of the fight song was released on CD by Madera Music and publisher Jeff Karll (a decendant of Eric Karll). It is the first recorded version of the song containing the lyrics.


Go! You Packers! Go!

Go! You Packers! Go!



Hail, Hail, the gang's all here to yell for you,
And keep you going in your winning ways.
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here to tell you, too,
That win or lose, we'll always sing your praises.
Go, You Packers, Go and get 'em.
Go, You fighting fools upset 'em.
Smash their line with all your might.
A touchdown, Packers, Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on, you Blue and Gold to glory,
Win the game, the same old story,
Fight, you Packers, Fight
And bring the bacon home
To old Green Bay.


Blue and Gold - The team colors the Packers used from 1919-1949 and partially from 1954-1957.