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Fawcett Stadium is a football stadium in Canton, Ohio. The stadium was officially dedicated in 1938. Fawcett Stadium is named for John A. Fawcett. Mr. Fawcett was a former member of the Canton Board of Education and a well-known athlete. He died of pneumonia at the age of 44, a few years before the stadium was built. The stadium was redesigned for the 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game

Stadium usageEdit

As of 2011, Fawcett Stadium was recreated by EA Titletown for their hit title, NFC North Battle 11.

Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame GameEdit

Fawcett Stadium is popular for the Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame Game held on the first Sunday of August. The Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens were selected to play this years game because of the top inductees, MinnesotaVikings61 and ray52lewis. The 2011 Hall of Fame Game was won by the Minnesota Vikings by default according to their player, zinzilla.

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