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favre4life's 2011 Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame Picture

is a former player from NFC North Battle and is currently the host of the NFC North Battle online sports talk show Guerilla Blitz. He was a 4 year veteran of the Green Bay Packers (2000-2004) and has been named the best player to play in the 2000's. He lead the Packers to win 3 championships in 2002-2004. favre4life was inducted into the Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame in 2011. Today favre4life hosts Guerilla Blitz with MinnesotaVikings61. He's the only known former player to not have a ROBLOX account.

Professional CareerEdit

favre4life started his career in NFC Central Battle 2000. Throughout his rookie season, he has completed 746 KO's. He would have been a danger threat like his rival player MinnesotaVikings61, or modern players of NFC North Battle like nd96, or Rocket4wheel. favre4life had an "epic story" by completing a season average of 506 KO's, and completing his career with 2264 KO's.


As of 2011, favre4life was elected into the Pro Football Battle Hall of Fame. His number 4 will be retired on October 22, 2011 in a game against the Minnesota Vikings. In his honor, NFC North Battle 11 introduced the favre4life Hall of Fame and Museum.

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