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Roblox Specialized EA Studio


  • Interactive entertainment
  • Video Game Industry


2010 as Titletown Games


Green Bay, Wisconsin


Jared Anderson


Electronic Arts

EA Titletown is a multibranch Electronic Arts video game developing studio located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States founded in 2010. It is located about 12 miles east from Lambeau Field. The studio specializes in designing ROBLOX games.

The studio is most well-known for developing the NFC North Battle 11 game along with future versions of the game. In addition to the usual titles developed by the studio which include NFC North Battle, Hunters Evolution, and NHL Elite.

Games Developed by TitletownEdit

New MascotEdit

As of March 29, 2012 the company was given a new mascot from NikeTube Studios, a video game studio that affiliated with EA Titletown in the making of Mobile Suit Gundam on ROBLOX: Federation vs Zeon. And as of the same day, EA Titletown posted an add-on-poll on their Facebook Page to help give a name to the mascot. Possible names the mascot has is "Packy the Gundam" and "Gundam McCheese", but names are still pending.

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