CTToney 2011 Lions

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NFC North Battle Draft

2010/Round 1/Pick 4

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CTToney is a user character for NFC North Battle. He is a 1 year veteran of game for the Minnesota Vikings (2010-2011) and the Detroit Lions (2011-Present). He became the main replacement of TWISTAFATE01, and the team captain of the Detroit Lions on April 28, 2011

Professional CareerEdit

Minnesota Vikings (2010-2011)Edit

CTToney was drafted round 1 pick 4 for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010. He was predicted to become the main team captain until the unexpected "Hacker Bowl" took place when his former team mate nd96 completed 68 KO's. Thoughout the 2010 season, CTToney has completed 460 KO's.

Detroit Lions (2011-Present)Edit

On April 28, 2011 CTToney was assigned to the Detroit Lions because former team captain TWISTAFATE01 was released from the series. This also prevented the Lions from drafting zinzilla for their team and to the Minnesota Vikings instead. CTToney took the role and received team captain status. CTToney has lead the Detroit Lions to an outstanding 5-1-0 record for the first time in NFC North Battle. The Lions have defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the 2011 NFC Championship Game. The team has made it to Super Bowl II and beat the Baltimore Ravens, earning CTToney the title of Super Bowl MVP.

Photo GalleryEdit

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